Air compressor 185cfm

185 cfm compressor M50 $125.00 day *must be towed/fuel additional

Air Compressors Portable

Air Compressors Portable 4cfm Electric $38.50day 7cfm Electric $44.00day 10cfm gas $60.00day 14cfm gas $60.50day

Air Hammers 60&80

Air Hammers 60lb.$44.00 day 80lb.$53.00day

Air Hoses 3/4"x25'

Air Hoses 3/4″x25′ $9.00day

Chipping Gun 16lb.

Chipping Gun 16lb. $42.00 day *bits additional

Rivet Buster Demo Gun

Rivet Buster Demo $42.00 day *bits additional

Rock Drill 45lb.

Rock Drills 45lb. $53.00day *bits and rods additional

Sand Blasters

Sand Blasters 15lb.cap $26.50day
100lb.cap $49.50day