Belle Cement Mixer 2cuft.

Belle 2cuft.Electric Mixer $42.00day

Bull Float 42"

Bull Float 42″ $20.00 day

Compactor reversible 700h

Compactor reversable Allen 700h $133.00 day

Concrete Mixer Gas

Concrete Mixer Gas 6cuft. Towable $108.00 day

Floor Saw 14" Gas

Concrete Floor Saw 14″ Gas $82.50 day *blade additional

General Concrete Floor Grinder

Concrete Floor Grinder 110volt $75.00 day *diamond heads & stones additional

Hammer Drill 1/2"

Hammer Drill 1/2″ Elec. $28.50 day

Hilti 45lb.Demo

45lb.Demo Hammer 110volt $66.00 day *bits additional

Hilti 60lb.Breaker

60lb.Electric Demo 110volt *bits additional $85.00 day

Hilti Core Drill

Core Drill Hilti DD130 110volt $86.00 day *stand and bits available

Hilti Cut Off Demo Saw 14"gas

Hilti Demo Saw 14″gas $88.00 day *blades additional

Hilti Cut Off Saw 12" Electric

Hilti Electric 12″ Demo Saw $75.00 day *blades additional

Hilti Ramset

Hilti Stud Gun/Ramset $36.50 day *shots and nails additional

Hilti Rotary Hammer Combo

25lb.Rotary Hammer 110volt $57.00 day *bits additional

Mortar Mixer Gas

Mortar Mixer Gas Towable 6cuft. $108.00 day

Rammer Compactor

Compactor Rammer Gas $75.00day

Stone Mud Buggy Gas

Stone Gas Mud /Concrete Buggy $132.00 day

Trowel 36" combo blades

Power Trowel Gas 36″ with combo blades $76.00day

Wet Tile/Brick Saws

Wet Saws Tile/Pavers 7″$42.00day 10″$54.00day 36″$88.00day